Who We are?

KinerjaPay Corp. (a Delaware Corporation) is a U.S. Public Company incorporated in February 2016. Our main focus is Online Digital Payments and eWallet Services in regions with a large unbanked and underbanked population and where traditional credit card penetration is minimal.

KinerjaPay Corp. offers a secure payments alternative for online shoppers to make transactions safely and securely, while enjoying all other benefits such as shopping rewards, discounts and many others as members of KinerjaPay.

With more than 208 million Internet users in Southeast Asia as of January 2015, KinerjaPay expects to offer unparalleled services to its users through its unique features such as a Gamification platform, Marketplace, Voucher Center, and many more.


KinerjaPay Corp. keeps its doors open for potential investors to tap into the endless opportunities it has to offer. With the growing population and demand for reliable e-commerce solutions in Southeast Asia, we are confident that our business portfolio will grow exponentially in the years ahead.

Market Opportunity

eCommerce Industry in Indonesia is estimated to be more than $10 billion industry by 2015.

Indonesia Internet Population to reach 200 million by 2020.

Indonesia Pulsa Market is estimated to be a $4 billion market per annum.

Growing Middle Class and Affluent Consumers.

Increasing Preference for Online Shopping.

Stock and Fillings