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The New Face of KinerjaPay

  • By KinerjaPay Corp.
  • September 4, 2018

KinerjaPay decided to pursue another record by remaking its brand image

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JAKARTA, IndonesiaApril 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kinerjapay Corp., (OTCQB: KPAY), a digital payment and ecommerce platform, ("Kinerjapay" or the "Company") recently rebranded its image to fulfill the market demands in 2018. Since it was founded in 2016, it has been helping the society in providing the digital payment platform for many online and offline businesses in Indonesia. As the 1st Indonesian-based e-commerce company listed on the OTC Market, KinerjaPay Corp. needed to do a maneuver to change the public's opinions towards its achievements. KinerjaPay Corp. felt that the market demand experiencing a movement, therefore the company had to be dynamic in dealing with the society's needs. With this rebranding, KinerjaPay Corp. wanted to prove that the company would be more modern, dynamic, and energetic company by starting to change several policies in pursuing a higher achievement in the near future.

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KinerjaPay Corp. redesigned the logo of the products, such as KinerjaPay (KPAY), KinerjaGames (KGAMES), and KinerjaMall (KMALL), to help the company in giving more penetration to the targeted market. The redesigned of the logo of the products showcased a fresher look for the company which would help the company to compete for the market-share in the society. Mr. Edwin Ng, Chairman and CEO for KinerjaPay Corp. commented, "The changing of our products' logo can be taken as a proof that we are a modern and energetic company and willing to grow together with our customers. We are glad to redesign it because we want to be as closer as we can to our customers and the mutual relationship with them can be more sustainable. We have been working really hard to listen to what our customers said."

KinerjaPay Corp. announced its reasons of why it chose to rebrand the company's image. There were 3 reasons which made the rebranding became the solution for its improvement.

  • Adaptation to the market condition provides new option for the company to expand its market. KinerjaPay believes the change of targeted market, in terms of the age, will allow more sophisticated segmentation and successful rate of acquisition.
  • Explaining new company direction and improvement of services provides fresher thought from the society over the company. KinerjaPay Corp. wants to introduce new face of the company's direction to giving excellent service for the customers.
  • Competing with competitors in more established image. KinerjaPay Corp. takes the business competition as a primary matter to discuss. Therefore, KinerjaPay Corp. wants to create a new paradigm towards the image of the company from the demand of the society.

"We came up to a decision to adapt with the needs of the modern society due to several factors, including the age of our target market and preparation to face our competitors. We hope, our changes can lead us to a fresher situation and obviously to help us to grow our e-commerce market," said Mr. Ng, Chairman and CEO for KinerjaPay Corp. With its new face, the company were eager to offer more satisfaction to its customers in online shopping as well as secure payment option.

About KinerjaPay

KinerjaPay enables consumers to "Pay, Play and Buy" through its secure web portal and mobile applications. Based in Indonesia, the Company provides easy and convenient payment solution while shopping online at its marketplace platform. With its current omni-channel platform, users can perform various payment services such as credit card bill payment, utility, phone bill, healthcare insurance and direct transfer to anyone at their convenience. KinerjaPay is also planning to launch other eCommerce verticals such as travel market, delivery services, and online gaming in the near future. The Company's services are available through its mobile applications and on its website at

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